Monday, December 27, 2010

: BESTeam feature : Beader Bubbe :

This Etsy shop artist is a busy busy woman! A mother of five kids and a grandmother to six, working, blogging and making beaded creations on the side. Quite impressive I think! This crafter makes earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings and keychains... she sells some supplies as well. Check out a few items from her shop Beader Bubbe and be sure to visit her blog
Butterfly Necklace
Butterfly Necklace $15.00

Turquoise - Metal Donut Necklace
Turquoise Metal Donut Necklace $35.00

Lovely Turquoise Earrings
Lovely Turquoise Earrings $5.00

Be well and have a great week!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

BESTeam feature : From Shirlee

This weeks BESTeam feature is on a little shop called From Shirlee. The crafters at this shop are family and together create everything from little hats to scrapbook pages. Shirlee was the well loved mother grandmother of the crafters and they learned much of what they know from her. Here are a few samplings of items you can find at their Etsy shop!
Amigurumi Turtle Family
Amigurami Turtle Family $30.00

Embroidered Snowman Decorative Pillow
Embroidered Snowman Decorative Pillow $15.00
Now, if you know me- you know I love this next item;) 
Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journal $10.00 
Here are a few more places you can go to find these talented ladies:

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

: Treasure Box :: Just the Goods :

I am proud to feature this weeks BESTeams member Just the Goods Skin Care. This shop uses eco and body conscious ingredients to create skin care products that are as good for your skin as they are for the environment and your wallet. This Winnipeg based shop products are made without using animals and offers an almost totally vegan selection. Here are a few decadent selections for him, and for her.
Fizzing Vegan Bath Melts // no artificial colours or fragrances, no preservatives
Fizzing Vegan Bath Melts $4.50
Vegan Peppermint Ginger Foot Butter
Vegan Peppermint Ginger Foot Butter $6.50
Vegan Shaving Cream Solid for Sensitive Skin (Incl. non-synthetic Shaving Brush)
Vegan Shaving Cream Solid $9.20

So go ahead and treat yourself to one of these wonderful additions to your body care, your body and your environment will thank you! 

Here are some more places where you can find Just the Goods:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

: Friday Treasure Box : Cynde Clark of Cyndesplace :

Meet the wonderful fabric filled world of Cynde Clark and her Etsy shop Cyndesplace. Cynde loves to sew and she loves handbags (and hats;) ... her style if lighthearted, fun and unique. I find her color palette to be especially refreshing during the winter!

Extra Large...Travel in Style....Weekend in WONDERLAND Duffle...cyndesplace...Ready to Ship
Travel in Style Weekend Extra Large Tote $160.00
This next item was too hard not to include, especially in the dead of winter up here in Boston! 
Hoo, Hoo, Hoooo Goes There Funky Hoot Owl Hat, Newborn -Child
Hoo Hoo Hoooo GOes There Funky Hoot Owl Hat $25.00
I really love felt, and when I saw this handbag with its rich yummy green color it brightened up my day!
Going to Town Bag
Going to Town Bag $56.00

Okay... one last bag just for fun!

Classy Chic Handbag, in wonderland fabric-cyndesplace
Classy Chic Handbag $28.00

If you want more, please visit Cynde's blog at

Happy Friday!!!


Friday, December 3, 2010

: Inspired Human :: Jono Pandolfi :

I am so excited to share this artist with you. His medium of choice is clay which holds a special place in my heart. Jono Pandolfi and I attended Skidmore College at the same time working in the ceramics studio under the guidance of professor Regis Brodie. Jono has taken his talents to the next level and has more than earned his place working with top designers. Among these clients are Anthropologie, Calvin Klein Home, Crate and Barrel, Converse and the list goes on. Jono's work can be found on restaurant tables at Terrace 5 Restaurant at the MoMA, Eleven Madison Park and more. Without further ado, may I introduce you to Jono Pandolfi.

Name: Jono Pandolfi
Age: 34

Sign: LEO!
Where can we find you (blogs, websites etc... list them all;): My website, plus loads of others (see Jono's site for details).  Food and; Wine,, msnbc, all kinds of stuff.
Terrace 5 Bud Vases, MoMAm NYC

What inspires you most right NOW?
A dark clay body I am using that looks awesome unglazed. I am doing unglazed tea service pieces for Eleven Madison Park.

Kona Dinnerware for Crate and Barrel
Does form follow function, or the other way around? 
It can work both ways. Usually the first one, but it can be either.

What was your first "real" job? 
Teaching ceramics to kids at the school where I first got hooked. 

Do you have a favorite piece, or lots of favorites? 
I don't think I have one. 

How does the creative process work for you?

Yesterday, at a meeting with a client, they asked me to send some sketches of ideas after a lengthy conversation. I boldly stated that I rarely sketch before I start throwing. Well, today, I realized that I DO actually sketch, just in my head. So I forced myself to put some of these things on paper just to see how they looked and it was a worthwhile exercise. But usually I just have an idea of what I want, wedge the clay, and go for it. Pots are like sketches. The first one or two you throw on any given day will usually not come out. Think of that as your warm up. Not every pot has to come out perfect. And not every pot should be kept. 
Pillow Plates, Eleven Madison Park

Salty or sweet? 
Both at the same time. I love Kettle Corn!!!!!!!

What is the craziest thing you ever did to get someone to notice your work? 
Great Question! You have to be fearless about that if you want to get ahead. I'll do anything. I'll talk about my stuff to anyone who will listen (look how much I am typing here...)
Serving Pieces 

Are there days where you just don’t want to get into the studio? If so, what gets you in there? 
Yes there are, and I usually just DON'T go in- I go elsewhere. I feel that on those days, just don't do it. I mean, if I am in the middle of production and it's basically a mindless thing, then there is no excuse to not work. But If I am working on new design, and I just strongly feel like avoiding the studio, i tend to stay away for a day and not feel guilty about it. I go walk around Manhattan and come back the next day feeling super. 

Is it the process of creating a piece that most intrigues you, or the end result?
Definitely both, because you enjoy the first part, the creating, but then the end result is so permanent and long lasting so you better like it. 
Edible Manhattan: "Not Your Grandmothers China"

Describe what it is like for you when you are in the 'zone',when you are in your most creative moment? It's a great feeling. Being creative all the time is impossible though. It's good to have breakthrough ideas, then return to monotony for a while, then more breakthroughs, then more monotony, etc, etc. 

I am inspired, are you? Thank you Jono for talking with P&P!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

::Treasure Box:: Jannio ::

Felt Hat Handmade in France by Jannio on Etsy. Ines
Felt Hat Ines $65.00
Rich, succulent texture, deep colors, natural fibers... yummy. This team of felt artists run a Etsy shop by the name of Jannio create wonderful hats, scarves, and bags that are unique and functional. I had the hardest time choosing just one to share, so here a a bunch of hats in season for the coming of winter!
Felt casket rasta cap style Hat handmade in france Kimi
Felt casket hat Kimi $65.00

Felt and cotton Hat Handmade in France Melinda
Felt and cotton Hat Melinda $67.00
Felt Hat Handmade in france Rachel
Felt Hat Rachel $65.00

What to you think? Please leave a comment! Or, click on one of the easy boxes below to give it a thumbs up or down;)

Love, Liza

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Announcements: Reiki Offerings & new blogger Pages

I am now offering Reiki treatments here at my house! Pricing is half off through the new year in an effort to introduce you all to the experience of Reiki.  Gift certificates are available as well;) 

I have also added Pages to the P&P blog. Above this post you will see tabs linking you to pages for the 41park Etsy shop, Reiki  page with treatment menu, contact page, and link to my portfolio (currently under construction). 


Reiki is a form of complimentary alternative energy therapy which is done fully clothed while laying down or sitting in a chair. The Reiki practitioner will move through a sequence of hand positions both on and off the body (can be done completely off body) providing deep relaxation. Reiki treatments are a wonderful way to let go of your day to day and assist your body in its own natural process of healing and renewing.

I always tell people who are new to Reiki and unsure of its process, that at the very least you are treating yourself to a period of time where your sole intention is to care for yourself and quiet your mind. I believe this mindset is ideal for a treatment because expectations are removed and the client is allowed to be fully present in the experience of their treatment.

I currently offer Reiki treatments in my home studio located in Natick, MA. Please be advised that my home is not a pet free environment, so if you have any allergies I would be happy to come to your home or office.

Reiki Treatment Menu

**Special intro rate now through the New Year %50 all prices listed below**

30 Minute Treatment............................... $40.00
60 Minute Treatment............................... $60.00
90 Minute Treatment..............................$90.00

~ Gift Certificates available ~

To schedule a treatment please email or call:

Be well, Liza

Friday, October 8, 2010

Natural Fall Style

It feels like fall has actually arrived here in New England! Woo hoo! So I will cut to the chase and share some super cute fall-ey things by Sewn Natural.
mod autumn felted wool acorns set of 12 / natural rustic decorations
Felted Wool Acorns 12 for $24.00

I don't know about you but I love Waldorf dolls. This wonderful artist Tiny's House creates sweet Waldorf style dolls and can make the features to match her mommy as well. I am partial to this red head, of course!

Waldorf-type doll
Waldorf Type Doll $75.00

I love the rich fall colors and textures of this next item by Mel's Art Buffet. The mixture of materials works so well.
Beaded Neckalce with Polymer Clay Pendant - Lemon and Poppy Seed Wedge
Lemon and Poppy Seed Necklace $27.00
One last item I have to throw in because of the acorns, they would look adorable on top of a wedding cake;) The item is crafted by Woolies.
Woodland Acorn Pixies - Bride and Groom/Wedding
Woodland Acorn Pixies Bride and Groom $14.00
Love, Liza

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tough Choices and Good Intentions

Unfortunately for the average household, the option of buying everything organic is simply unrealistic. The term Organic itself is thrown around on packaging wherever possible to try to convince the consumer that this product is good for you. How is the average Joe going to be able to weed through all of this information and make informed choices when there is so much mis-information and creative advertising?

Increasingly I have been having conversations with people with the good intentions of feeding themselves and their family in the best possible way. People want to feed their kids and themselves foods that will help their body grow healthy and strong, and foods that also support our environment. Movies like Food Inc., Super Size Me, and Fast Food Nation have brought the complicated realities of the food industry into the minds of the average consumer.

I am certainly not an expert on the topic, but I do think that the questions raised in these films press on two very important points. First the issue of health and wellness as it relates to what we put in our bodies, and then the accessibility of these healthy products for the average consumer as it relates to their wallet.
Most families can not afford to buy everything organic, don't have time to look at every label, and have to make tough choices when deciding between product and price. Does organic necessarily mean better?

I think some comfort can be found in having a little faith and knowing that our bodies are pretty resilient and efficient at what they do: process foods for us by eliminating what we don't need and utilizing what we do. But, here are a few tips I have found while researching these issues for my family. It seems that the majority of advice out there on this topic seems to support a few consistent points...

Try to by organic: dairy, meat and poultry. I know that in my household we go through about 3 gallons of milk a week, so as much as that may add up it also feels like 1/4 of my kids diet. This can be expensive, but it seems like prices are becoming a bit more competitive in this area. One thought worth considering is investing in a freezer you can keep in your basement or garage and joining a meat CSA in your area. By buying in bulk you cut down on your cost.

As for fruits and vegetables here is an introduction to what it known as "The Dirty Dozen" (this produce absorbs and or is treated with the highest amounts of pesticides;):
1. Strawberries
2. Peaches
3. Apples
4. Bell Peppers
5. Celery
6. Nectarines
7. Cherries
8. Grapes
9. Spinach
10. Lettuce
11. Potatoes
12. Pears

Happy eating;) Liza

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life Lessons from "Dog"

"Dog is God spelled backwards."

Uhhh... duhhh... could I have the last few seconds of my life back please? Oh well, OK! Lets give that idea some thought. Is it mere coincidence, or could something more be lurking inside this simple idea? 

Its not like the word God spelled backwards is popcorn or airplane or something, it is "dog". Dog is Man's best friend, best companion, most trusted confidant. "Dog" always has time to listen, is always happy to see you, and never holds a grudge. What quality does a "dog" have that one could associate with the notion of the word "God", a concept which has been loved and fought over for centuries? 

Lets put all religious preferences aside, Catholic, Jewish, Hindi, Agnostic, Atheist and everything in between... no matter what you believe in, whatever. Is there one element that exists at the core of a truly happy life?

My guess is that the answer lies in the dominant personality trait associated with "dog". Love, unconditional love. Every minute of our life we have a choice to respond to ourselves, others or a situation with love... or not. It's not really possible to be angry and feel full of love at the same time, is it? Is it possible to act with love and be jealous or spiteful at the same time? Love, unconditional love is what lies at the core of a happy life. 

So I am going to try remember this next time I get impatient with myself or someone else, next time I am filled with road rage or angry at my son for dumping his chocolate milk all over the front seat of the car. I will try to take a deep breath and heal the negative vibe with a little good old fashioned "love".

When a dog offers you his heart 

Accept it with a smile 

For his love will last a lifetime - 

Which is such a little while. 

When a dog offers you his heart 

Take it gladly and with pride 

For he will be a faithful friend 

Ever by your side. 

A dog loves you because you're you - 

Not for how you speak or what job you do 

You could be short, tall, thin or fat 

Or ugly as sin, he doesn't care about that. 

A dog knows if you're good or bad 

He can see inside your soul 

When he decides you're okay 

To earn your love is his main goal. 

When you're sad, he'll comfort you 

And kiss away each tear 

You may even wake up in the morning 

With a cold nose in your ear. 

When eventually the time comes 

And the lights in his eyes dim 

A new star will shine in Heaven 

In remembrance of him. 

You'll gaze up at the midnight sky 

And you will hear him say - 

"I'm so glad you were my human 

We'll meet again some day!" 

So, if this poem has caused a tear to fall 

That's because you love the dog who's giving you his all 

Go travel on together, happily paw in glove 

He's the only one who'll ever give you unconditional love. 

When a dog offers you his heart 

Accept it with a smile 

For his love will last a lifetime - 

Which is such a little while. 

By Hazel Harris-Lane

Love, Liza