Friday, January 28, 2011

: Locks and Keys Project :

I want to introduce you all to a fantastic public art installation project started by my creative neighbors Denise and Steve. The project is located on a fence which hangs outside their Natick art studio, The Artists at 3 Adams behind The Five Crows gift shop. Here is an excerpt from the Locks and Keys blog which explains the project in more detail and chronicles all of the locks and keys attached to the fence!
"Locks and Keys Project (LAKP) is an interactive public art installation - a continual work in progress. A 12 foot fence covered with locks, keys, notes and art that illustrate memories, thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Do you hold the key to someone’s heart? Want to unlock a secret? Have a grudge to share? A love to reveal?

Help us create an interactive public art installation using those thoughts. As a guest “artist” either bring your own special lock or key that holds a personal memory, or pick one out from our free supply. Think of a memory, a wish, a regret, or anything that is important to you. With that thought in mind, write a message directly on the lock or key, or on key tags we have on site, then attach the lock onto the fence just outside our studio.
You can contact Locks and Keys project to have a free kit sent to you and be a part of this public art project: 

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

: BESTeam feature : Efrat Deutsch :

This weeks feature for the BESTeam is a talented jewelry designer who received her BFA from the Bezalel academy of art and design. Her designs are inspired by nature and urban life, and to quote her "It's all about living in a world that you first choose your jewelry and then match your outfit. " Her style is clean and simple with just the right amount of elegance. Check it out;)
Gold Bell Flower

Gold Bell Flower $110.00

Gold Desert Sand earrings

Gold Desert Sand earrings $30.00

Petals Necklace- Flower shaped Enamel pendant with a pink pearl

Petals Necklace- Flower shaped Enamel pendant with a pink pearl $55.00

You can learn more about Efrat by checking out her blog

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

: Creativity and Intuition :

I have always heard there was a partnership deeply entwined between the impulses of creativity and those of intuition, but until recently I never really "got it". In the past when an idea would slowly reveal itself to me in my mind I would play with it and tweak it in my head until it was completed... and never actually pick up a paintbrush or (whatever). So I was living in this vibrant marketplace of ideas and never actually creating anything. What the *#^&* is that?
Mini Half Spiral - sterling . baltic amber
These creative imaginings came to me as intuition, but stayed that way. After the birth of my daughter something changed. I would get these ideas and NEED to get them out. It felt like a bubbling volcano of inspiration where the reality was that if the impulse never hit the creation I would actually explode. All this began surfacing while I had a newborn and a two year old as a stay at home mom- kind of intense to say the least.

Since I began really acting on these ideas I have noticed a tangible creative path evolving before me, one impulse at a time. I may be medium hopping like a crazy person, but I am following my creative heart all around and loving it. It is interesting to watch an idea take root and grow, and facinating to note that each idea has its own purpose and life span. Sometimes it is just a lesson in technique or marketability and sometimes it is the first of a series of even better creations building right on top of the first.
Sterling silver and freshwater pearl earringsSpiral - copper . amethyst
Sure I have been a creative person my whole life, and completed my undergrad degree in art. But assignments and lessons in technique were only the tip tip tippy tip of the life I was creating. The fun part is happening now and following each impulse to its end.

Labyrinth :  wrap bracelet . felt . fine silverIntention Knot - bracelet . copper . silk Pack of 5

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

: BesTeam feature : RedemptionArt :

Aloha! Connie Haskell of Redemption Art has a great energy and love for art, people, and the environment. You can sense her vigor in her item descriptions and the care with which she seems to have chosen each piece to sell in her shop. I have tons of favorites from this seller, but here are a few:
Vintage Hawaiian Mermaid Tiki Bar Glasses Fisherman's Wharf Hawaii
Vintage Hawaiian Mermaid Tiki Bar Glasses Fisherman's Warf Hawaii $15.00
Vintage Max Tilke Prints Page Costumes of China
Vintage Max Tilke Page Costumes of China $17.00
Vintage Solid Brass Buddha
Vintage Solid Brass Buddha $45.00
Vintage Tiny Bubbles Juice Glasses Set of 7
Vintage TIny Bubbles Juice Glasses $25.00
Vintage Valentine Kitsch Brooch
Vintage Valentine Kitsch Brooch $12.00
You can also find Connie on her blog:

Be well!


Monday, January 10, 2011

: BESTeam feature : cksilver :

This weeks BESTeam feature is on a mother daughter team called cksilver. Cindy and Marilyn love to create jewelry using sterling silver, pearls, semi-precious stones, and Swarovski crystals. This team is passionate about what they do and are truly inspired ladies. I have enjoyed browsing through the cksilver Etsy shop, here are a few of my favorites.
Sparkly Blue Sodalite Sterling Silver Earrings
Sparkly Blue Sodalite Sterling Silver Earrings $34.00
Assorted Wine Charms
Assorted Wine Charms $14.00

Blue Summer Ice Sterling Silver Earrings
Blue Summer Ice Sterling Silver Earrings $29.00
To find our more about cksilver:


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

: BESTeam feature : Love Elycia :

I am excited to share this seller with you because she is talented and her work is super fun (yeah, I said super). But it IS! Love Elycia is a recovering engineer... just kidding, but she used to be an engineer and has left that life for one a little more crafty. Elycia mostly loves to knit, crochet, draw, sew, shop vintage, listen to music and love her cats.
Every Girl has a Story - Moxie Print
Every Girl has a Story Moxie Print $5.00
Every Girl has a Story - April Print
Every Girl has a Story April Print $5.00
Say Anything - CUSTOM Word Bubble Headband
Say Anything CUSTOM Word Bubble Headband $12.00

Headband Incognito - Blonde Moustache Headband
Headband Incognito $9.00
There are lots of things to love about Love Elycia;) You can also find her and her fantastic blog here: