Monday, September 20, 2010

Quick Miso Soup & Ella's Seaweed Salad

I love miso soup and have been in the habit lately of making it for breakfast. I find it is a nice warm salty way to start my day, and the tofu gives me the protein I need to get myself going. Wakame is high in potassium, calcium, B2, B, iron, low in calories, and fat free. I have used the Trader Joe's miso soup packs, which are really yummy. But it is so easy to make it myself, and I think the fresh tofu and miso is probably a little better for you as well? All measurements are approximate, add more or less of something depending on how you like it...
Quick Miso Soup

Quick Miso Soup
3 tbsp. White miso paste (or more if you like)
2 cups water
two handfuls cubed firm tofu
3 tbsp dried Wakame seaweed
soy sauce or tamari (optional)

Bring water to a simmer with the miso, stir to dissolve the miso into a nice broth. Once the miso dissolves add the tofu and wakame. Simmer a few minutes over low heat until the seaweed reconstitutes. Taste the broth, if the white miso taste is a little too sweet for you add a teaspoon or two of either soy sauce or tamari. Yum.

Ella's Seaweed Salad

Ella's Seaweed Salad
I add extra seaweed and tofu to my soup and then spoon it out with a slotted spoon into a little bowl. My daughter l.o.v.e.s this.


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