Wednesday, February 16, 2011

: 100 Things I am Grateful For :

This post is inspired by the book The Secret. I got a little daily inspiration notebook made by the creator of the book, and it asks that every day you write down 100 thinks you are grateful for. It seems like a lot to write, and a lot to think of... but I thought I would give it a try. So I decided to share my list here (in no particular order;)

1. Randy, my husband
2. Max, my son
3. Ella, my daughter
4. parents
5. in laws
6.  friends
7. home
8. pets
9. creativity
10. Etsy
11. studio at 3 Adams
12. clay
13. education
14. travel
15. Ms. Tiberi (Ellas first pre-school teacher)
16. Max's preschool and teachers
17. car to get around this world of ours
18. sun
19. moon
20. books
21. sleep
22. coffee
23. night time cup of tea
24. veggies
25. health
26. Reiki
27. Skidmore
28. full moon gatherings and all those who come to them
29. flowers to smell and look at
30. washing machine and dryer
31. inspiration in all its forms
32. heat in the winter
33. a/c in the summer
34. color
35. fresh air
36. yoga
37. my grandparents and their memories
38. cold glass of water
39. dishwasher
40. warm fleece
41. cooking
42. paint
43. green grass
44. teachers
45. smiles
46. hard life lessons, learned
47. community
48. air travel to visit far away family and friends
49. the power of breath
50. tears
51. glasses so I can see
52. the quiet of Sundays
53. the fun of Saturdays
54. the fresh start of Mondays
55. the growing momentum of Tuesdays
56. the normal-ness of Wednesdays and Thursdays
57. the sense of completion on Fridays
58. Thanksgiving
59. gratitude
60. love
61. spell checker
62. hot shower
63. stretching
64. meditation
65. clean water
66. cookbooks
67. a good movie
68. mail
69. honesty
70. bicycling
71. staying at home with my kids
72. my husbands job
73. our local organic farm
74. my computer
75. community adult education
76. my biological mother having the courage to have me and let me go
77. Cosmic Lunch Break every monday by Eileen Lock
78. NPR
79. music
80. freedom
81. Roots and WIngs in Natick, MA allowing me to rent treatment rooms
82. sitting by a fire with friends
83. nice glass of red wine
84. the ability to afford to have a nice glass of red wine
85. meeting my Reiki instructor Myra
86. laughter
87. the ability to take a walk
88. movies
89. money to support our family for necessities and fun
90. giving, and the goodness you feel when you give
91. red tail hawks, every time I see them
92. dolphins and their magic
93. truth, in all its forms
94. shoes
95. unconditional love
96. space to explore life
97. this moment
98. this moment
99. this moment
100. and this moment

Please leave a comment sharing 10 things YOU are grateful for right.... now. That would be great, I would love to hear from you.



  1. Good job, I love them all, especially #84!
    XOXO Connie

  2. Great list, and great idea!

    Let's see - 10 things I am grateful for:
    1) my family, near and far, and especially for the innocence of my grandkids
    2) freedom to do the right things
    3) opportunities to learn and expand my experiences
    4) Arizona sunrises and sunsets
    5) Those all-too-rare trips to the ocean that allow me to regroup
    6) wildflowers
    7) having enough to do to keep me busy, and then some
    8) manufacturers that list whether the "sugar" in their ingredients is cane or beet sugar. (I have a food sensitivity to beet sugar and have to be very careful about ingredients!)
    9) medical insurance coverage
    10)stormy nights

    I may have to steal this and do a list on my blog in the not too distant future!

    Thanks for the opportunity :)


  3. Great Karen, thank you for taking the time to do this. You may steal away... the more gratitude spread out into the universe the better, I think;)

  4. 1. Sexy Steve aka Honey
    2. Saucy Sophie aka Soph-a-loaf
    3. Boisterous Bella aka Smelly Belly
    4. AZ family ; )
    5. Friends: MA, IL, NC, AZ, IN, FL & ???? (Bean, Poo, Ooba, Ms. Polish Detroit, DD, etc.)
    6. New knees
    7. Coco, Millie, Maize, Ben, Maggie, Cody, Brady......
    8. TRAVEl to such wonderful wonderful places with even more wonderful friends.
    9. Living in Natick
    10. A really really good Margarita! (I actually wanted to put this at #1 but thought that might seem too superficial!)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!