Wednesday, April 7, 2010

:: Water Cooler :: Little bit-o-fun ::

Hey, what? I don't know... who's on first? Who? Whats on second? Awww, those stooges oops (actually, Abbott and Costello) were so funny! Where is the fun happening, anyway?! Why am I always so SERIOUS. Ugh, it makes me tired just thinking about it!

I wrote this poem when I was in high school I think... I am really not sure. I have never been much of a writer (funny, I know... what am I doing blogging?) But, I think today is a good day to revisit this one:

What is the way,
to add calm to the day?
When the order has been laid,
and the only way is paid?
For who do I do
what is expected of me to?
And why do I try
to make sense of this?
I'm asking the old few
who thought that they knew
Which way we should go
and what we should DO?

I guess in a way it is just a silly little poem, but I think it is interesting. Every culture has their rules and customs, economy and healthcare (or whatever it may be). These 'structures' set up the priorities for our daily living, goals and values. We pass these goals, values and structures along to our children and hope that as times change they are upheld or renovated if necessary.

I don't think our forefathers wanted fun to be left out, but it seems like it is the first thing to suffer these days. SO today at the water cooler I want to talk about things that are FUN. I challenge you to have just a little bit (or a lot if you can manage;) of fun every day... you can do it! I know I am challenging you, but in this case 'you' is also 'me'.

OK little bit-o-fun... here we go.

Check out this painting by LifeInGeneral, I think it is wonderful and fun and is truly in the spirit of this post:
Blowing It All Off...An Original Painting

We don't have to taotally give up on our daily routine or abandon our goals, but let's add in a little bit-o-fun. I will promise to comment on this post later today on what I did on this day that was fun, will you? What did you do that you that was FUN today?

Here's to adding a little fun to your day! Cheers!

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  1. We played in the sprinkler this afternoon, and it really was fun... the popsicles added a nice touch. I also colored with crayons with my daughter Ella, that was fun as well... yeah!