Monday, April 26, 2010

:: Monday's inspired human : Sara Sacks ::

This week's inspired human is multi talented, she makes jewelry and adorable fiber creations. This artist is obviously in love with what she is doing and having fun as she goes. I personally am really quite fond of her felted wool lamb, what a little cutie pie... but there is much much more to be seen from this artist. Blogger land meet Sara Sacks!

Name: Sara Sacks
Sign: Scorpio
Age: A lady never tells
Where can we find you (blogs, websites etc... list them all;):
Facebook Fan page coming soon!

Vintage Typewriter Key Cufflinks - Pick your Letters

Vintage Typewriter Key Cufflinks - Pick your Letters $34.00

What are your favorite medium/s to work in: OMIGOSH I didn't think this would be such a hard question to answer! I LOVE natural yarns - wool, alpaca, organic cottons. I LOVE everything antique/vintage - like my typewriter keys. I love pearls, and sterling silver. 
Juniper, hand knitted sheepie friend - Custom knit for you

Juniper, hand knitted sheepie friend - Custom knit for you $30.00

Who or What are you most inspired by right... NOW?: Spring in the high desert - it's miraculous. 

What is the FIRST word that comes to mind when you hear the word BUSTERANDBOO (don't worry, let it pop in- then spit it out;): My dogs (Buster and boo!)

What was your first "real" job: I guess babysitting doesn't first 'real' job - after college was at Merrill Lynch, working for stockbrokers. I learned very quickly that this was NOT for me!

Do you have a favorite piece, or lots of favorites?

Vintage Typewriter Key Necklace/Pendant/Keyring, Vintage Sheet Music

Why tickets, typewriter key, scrabble tiles and playing cards?
My first shop is Woolies. I'm first and foremost, a knitter. A lover of animals. A love of knitted stuffed animals. 
Then I saw a tutorial for making scrabble tile pendants! I was hooked. I taught myself to wire wrap - started making earrings. Other wooden pendants came naturally - tickets, playing cards. I used to sell faux wooden typewriter key pendants. At a craft fair, every single person picked them up and said "OH LOOK, typewriter key pendants!" I had to explain that they were pretend. I thought - why not make the real thing!? I have always been a lover of antiques (Antiques Roadshow is probably my favorite TV show, don't tell anyone), so this was a natural evolution for Buster and boo. 

La Petite Elephant, Felt Friend

La Petite Elephant, Felt Friend $16.00

I know you are a wonderful jewelry designer and fiber artist, what do you LOVE to make most at the moment?: I'm working on some new designs for my stuffed animals. I'm always thinking of new ideas - it's a matter of finding the time to work on them! (Day Job! gets in the way...)

Squishy, bumpy, fluffy or smooth? Squishy and Fluffy

Best advice for overcoming a creative block?: Take a walk outside. Read a great book. Stop trying. It will happen. 

Is it the process of creating a piece that most intrigues you, or the end result?: Both. Sometimes as I'm knitting an animal, I get very impatient to see the finished result. The animal starts to come alive as I'm making him/her. 
For jewelry-making, it's often the process that is intriguing. I love to find and buy OLD dirty typewriter keys, and turn them into something unique and beautiful. 

Hobo, Boho, or HoHo?:
Probably Hobo

Describe what it is like for you when you are in the 'zone',when you are in your most creative moment?: Don't bother me! Don't talk to me! I get into the rhythym. 
Thank you Sara for your time and insight into your process! Happy Monday~ Liza

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