Monday, May 17, 2010

:: Monday's inspired human : Judit Sipos-Szabo ::

I have been out for a few weeks and it feels great to be back so that I can introduce you to Monday's Inspired Human Judit Sipos-Szabo. Judit is a fused glass artist who seems to be inspired by lots of things and full of energy. She has a diverse background and an exciting assortment of glistening glass creations to enjoy. 
Retro Groovy - handmade fused glass necklace

Name: Judit Sipos-Szabo
Sign: Aries - but I'm not into AstrologyAge: I feel young:)
Where can we find you (blogs, websites etc... list them all;):
Marvelous Mint - handmade fused glass necklace
What are your favorite medium/s to work in?: 

Glass is my new love. It is a very expressive medium. It can be so delicate, fragile and strong in the same time. It is mysterious and timeless. Glass is ancient and modern, classical and contemporary. I like every moment of experimenting. The whole process - layering, shaping the glass just fascinates me.
At The Lake - handmade modern fused glass necklace
Who or What are you most inspired by right... NOW?: 

Right now? Seriously? I've just made a cake inspired pendant from polymer clay! Should I say more?;)

What is the FIRST word that comes to mind when you hear the word GLASS (don't worry, let it pop in- then spit it out;): 

Sun. Glass needs sunbeams to get alive.
Exotic Flower - Modern Handmade Fused Glass NecklaceWhat was your first "real" job?: 
I was a technician in a big architecture firm

Do you have a favorite piece, or lots of favorites? 

Always the last one:)
I know you are a wonderful glass artist, what do you LOVE to make at the moment?: 
First of all thank you for the "wonderful glass artist" compliment!:) Right now I'm multitasking. Beside my glass jewelry I'm working on home decor pieces - wall art, plates etc. I've started to learn about metal and polymer clay too. I really want to combine different media with my fused glass - silver, metal, leather, clay and even concrete.

Squishy, bumpy, fluffy or smooth?
It all depends:)

Best advice for overcoming a creative block?
We are all different, we work differently - so I don't think we can really give advice about that to each other. But I would say don't push yourself to overcome a creative block. This "block" has a purpose. Just go with the flow, do something else, go to an art exhibition, watch an old movie, listen classical or jazz music, or just watch the rain through your window. Inspiration will come.

Is it the process of creating a piece that most intrigues you, or the end result?
From the beginning 'til the end:)
Streakies - handmade modern necklace
Hobo, Boho, or HoHo?
or Bobo?:) Pass...

Describe what it is like for you when you are in the 'zone', when you are in your most creative moment?
I'm standing at my glass cutting board in my studio very early morning in my PJ and safety glasses:)

Is there anything else you want to tell us about? Lets have it!
Thank you so much for Liza to feature me in her blog. It’s my pleasure to be part of this creative group. I wish everyone happy creating.

It was muy pleasure Judit, happy creating to you as well and I will be checking in on you often!

Happy Monday~ liza

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