Saturday, February 13, 2010


As with anything, there is a beginning middle and an end. I find myself continuously at the beginning of everything at this point in my life, even though I am technically probably entering the middle.

I like to try things, start things, explore things. When it comes to art, that translates into the exploration of technique and materials. I have spent hours and hours with pencils, charcoal, still life, live model, glass, clay, paint, camera, mind, spirit, energy, exploration. Always searching for a medium to grab my attention long enough for me to take it further and further.

This search brought me to silver and natural gemstones and copper and wire, and it feels like a culmination of all the process I have played with along the way. Creating jewelry has become an outlet and a platform for me to express myself and I am so excited about it. Once again, I find myself at the 'beginning' of something.

So, here's to this beginning moving to a middle and someday hopefully far away... to an end.

Thanks for reading, Liza


  1. Best of luck with your new beginning Liza!

  2. i think life should be full of beginnings. i wish you love and luck with all of yours. xooxox-rena

  3. you go liza! i love it and am so happy to support your blog, and 41park. i will link you to my blogspot website and will really enjoy getting your posts as you journey on!

    lots of love