Sunday, February 28, 2010

::Monday's inspired human::

The mini interview today is with Caroline, the inspired creator of Paloma's Nest. Caroline creates bowls, tiles, ornaments and other decorative pieces out of porcelain, wood, paper and cloth. The simple modern pieces are timeless and intended to be passed on for generations. Paloma's Nest is best known for their Ring Bearer Bowl™ which has been featured in numerous publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, Elegant Bride Magazine, Vogue, Elle, the list goes on and on.... Her work and packaging is environmentally cautious, and her approach to creativity is truly inspiring.
HAITI RELIEF ... proceeds from this item will be donated. TODAY I WILL......  fill in the blank tiny text bowl by Paloma's Nest

HAITI RELIEF ... proceeds from this item will be donated. TODAY I WILL...... fill in the blank tiny text bowl by Paloma's Nest

One of Caroline's pieces was my first favorite on Etsy, so I thought she would be the perfect person to kick off Monday's inspired human tradition on Process and Perception. The piece featured in the photograph above is not the one from my favorite archives, but a new favorite I found today while creating this post. Other favorites of mine at Paloma's Nest include Wood Paper Cloth and Good Eggs. 

~Thank you Caroline for being so gracious and having fun with a few questions! ~

Name: Caroline Colom Vasquez/ Paloma's Nest
Sign: Pisces
Age: "It takes a long time to become young." ~Pablo Picasso
Where can we find you:
Who or What are you most inspired by right... NOW?: The concept of heirlooms- creating items that hold history and record the story of family.
What is the first word that comes to mind when you think about ceramics: persnickety
What was your first "real" job: I was a sales girl in a boutique selling handcrafts in my home town of Mystic, Connecticut
Squishy, bumpy, fluffy or smooth? Smooth. Definitely smooth.

I hope this helps you to have an inspired week! 

Be well, Liza


  1. I love her work, what a lovely feature.

  2. I love this! What a cool blog and what cool jewelry you create! I loooove the spiral rings and bracelets particularly!

  3. Also, I sent out a link to your shop via Twitter. I have 1000+ followers, so maybe you'll get some bites. Thanks so much for checking out The Fence!

  4. Thanks Kami! That is awesome- I really appreciate it.

    The Fence is hysterical, I am excited to read more;)