Monday, February 15, 2010

what is your ring size?

One thing I am finding difficult as an online jewelry seller is ring sizing. I know most people do not usually know their ring size and probably feel a little bit awkward sauntering into a jewelrystore with no intention for purchasing a ring, just to get their hands on the sizer for a minute.

Here are a few tricks to finding your ring size without an uncomfortable visit to
your local jeweler...

(1.) First cut a long skinny strip of paper (if the ring you want is wide, try to match the approximate width
for your paper strip).

(2.) Wrap the paper around your finger and mark where the end
of your strip lands on the paper.

(3.) Take a little piece of tape and tape your paper ring on the outside, try sliding it on and off. You are aiming to have a little bit of a hard time getting it off of your finger, but you don't want it too tight either. It is easier to add a little sizer to a ring than actually make a ring bigger...

(4.) Take the tape off of the strip and lay it flat on a table next to a ruler. Here are the measurements and their conversions for ring size. I have done it in millimeters for a more precise fit.
Take your measurement and find your size in the chart below:

mm ~ ring size
46.6mm ~ 4
47.9mm ~ 4.5
49.1mm ~ 5
50.4mm ~ 5.5
51.7mm ~ 6
53mm ~ 6.5
54.2mm ~ 7
55.5mm ~ 7.5
56.8mm ~ 8
58mm ~ 8.5
59.3mm ~ 9
60.5mm ~ 9.5
61.8mm ~ 10
63.1mm ~ 10.5
64.3mm ~ 11
65.6mm ~ 11.5
66.9mm ~ 12
68.1mm ~ 12.5

There is one other alternative, usually major chain stores that sell jewelry have ring sizers you can use and it may be a little less intimidating!


  1. ooooohhh this is really helpful! Thanks! :)

  2. Thank you very much, very informative!

  3. Ring sizing has always been a challenge for me. It doesn't help that my left and right hands are different sizes, and that my fingers change size during the day.

    I figure that I might was to size my finger like this a couple of times over a day, and figure out the average.


  4. What an informative post, thanks! :)