Tuesday, March 2, 2010

::Tuesday's water cooler . gratitude::

At the office, there is a water cooler. At the water cooler people get a chance to unwind for a minute to laugh, share, complain etc... I intend for this thread be an opportunity for us to do that. Otherwise, this is just a message from myself to all of you;)

Gratitude, ugh! You know, I have two kids under the age of four so uninterrupted time does not happen, 5 minutes is a lucky stretch and when it happens I savor it like nothing else. I stay at home with them full time and try to fit time in for my shop. Recently I have found myself increasingly frustrated as my interest in my shop grows, and my interest in feeding changing toddler serving diminishes. Scratch*&^*

Just kidding (am I?) But really, noticing this misplaced priority (obviously I love my children and enjoy what I do) brings me to an important point and gives me an opportunity to remember to stop, slow down, be present in my life right NOW and fill my heart with ~gratitude~ for all of the elements of life and the moment and the day as it is right NOW.

Doing this quickly brings some focus purpose and peace, and redirects my energies to where they need to be. Here, now, full of gratitude for it all. Forget the frustration, the should, the what if, if only's, and the chip that seems to fall from the sky and land on your shoulder.... sorry, my shoulder!

What do you have to say today at the water cooler? 


  1. oh i miss water cooler talk.. it is not the same when working from home, well, since then i would be talking to myself! love your post on gratitude!