Wednesday, March 17, 2010

::Watercooler:: Be here Now::

I think it must be possible for one to think of at least one interesting thing to talk about in any given moment. But sometimes when I sit down to write I don't know what I am about to talk about... then it comes. Not usually a profound insight into the workings of the universe, or an idea so amazing it will change your life forever- but a subtle thought that matters right n o w.

The idea of the "now" keeps finding it's way into my consciousness and I am reminded to notice it constantly. With all of the events and concerns of our daily lives it is so easy to find yourself living in your mind days ahead of where you actually are. Which is here, now.

Take a deep breath. Whoa! You are here now. All of those things on the to do list are still going to be here now too, even if we handle them one at a time as they come or rattle through them at lightning speed. I guess in a way it all comes down to trust, ask and you shall receive... trust you will get it all done no matter how fast or slow you speed through. Think and you will create action. Even the thoughts we have behind the more conscious thoughts create some sort of momentum, which eventually becomes our life as it is here... now.  

So if we don't ask the right questions, we will never get the answers we are looking for. If we don't have thoughts which are positive and patient, we will create a bit of a scattered existence shadowed by negativity. Hmmm... I guess sometimes we thrive on sarcasm, and that is cool too. Honestly it is all good as long as you are happy with your day (and not harming anyone in the process;).

As for my babbling, if you are still here... now... then maybe you will remember - if only for today - to be here... now.

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  1. Oh, it is sooooo true!!!Stay in the moment! Put everything else out of your mind and enjoy those precious moments. If you miss them...... well, trust me, you can never get them back again.